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Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews The responsive nature and diversity of liquid crystals provide tremendous opportunities as well as challenges for insights in fundamental science, and opens the door to various applications. This unique reference guides readers to the advances and directions of liquid crystal research, helping spur continued progress in the field. It emphasizes the chemistry, physics, and applications of liquid crystals in photonics, power generators, lasers, molecular motors, carbon nanotubes, and biosensors.

Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Partners MySchool Discovery. Preparation of actuating fibers of oriented main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers by a wet spinning process. Soft Matter 7 , — Ikeda, T. Changing liquid crystal elastomer ordering with light — a route to opto-mechanically responsive materials. Photomechanics of liquid-crystalline elastomers and other polymers. Photomobile polymer materials: from nano to macro. Today 14 , — October, Koerner, H. Photogenerating work from polymers. Today 11 , 34—42 July—August, White, T.

Light to work transduction and shape memory in glassy, photoresponsive macromolecular systems: trends and opportunities. B 50 , — Eisenbach, C. Isomerization of aromatic azo chromophores in poly ethyl acrylate networks and photomechanical effect. Polymer 21 , — Agolini, F.


Synthesis and properties of azoaromatic polymers. Macromolecules 3 , — A new opto-mechanical effect in solids. Sanchez-Ferrer, A. Opto-mechanical effect in photoactive nematic side-chain liquid-crystalline elastomers. Camacho-Lopez, M.

Programmable and adaptive mechanics with liquid crystal polymer networks and elastomers

Fast liquid crystal elastomer swims in the dark. Cviklinski, J. UV isomerisation in nematic elastomers as a route to photo-mechanical transducer. E 9 , — Hogan, P. UV manipulation of order and macroscopic shape in nematic elastomers. E 65 , Photoinduced deformations of beams, plates, and films. Nonlinear photoresponse of disordered elastomers. Linear and nonlinear photoinduced deformations of cantilevers. Bleaching and stimulated recovery of dyes and of photocantilevers. E 77 , Polarization dependence of optically driven polydomain elastomer mechanics.

E 78 , Nath, N. Thermally induced and photoinduced mechanical effects in molecular single crystals — a revival. CrystEngComm 16 , — Kim, T.

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Organic photomechanical materials. ChemPhysChem 15 , — Yu, Y. Photomechanics: directed bending of a polymer film by light. Nature , Yamada, M. Photomobile polymer materials: towards light-driven plastic motors. Photochemical mechanism and photothermal considerations in the mechanical response of monodomain, azobenzene-functionalized liquid crystal polymer networks.

Macromolecules 45 , — Large amplitude light-induced motion in high elastic modulus polymer actuators. Tabiryan, N. Polymer film with optically controlled form and actuation. Express 13 , — Photomechanical mechanism and structure—property considerations in the generation of photomechanical work in glassy, azobenzene liquid crystal polymer networks. Serak, S. Liquid crystalline polymer cantilever oscillators fueled by light. Soft Matter 6 , — High frequency photodriven polymer oscillator. Soft Matter 4 , — Yoshino, T.

Three-dimensional photomobility of crosslinked azobenzene liquid-crystalline polymer fibers. Wu, W. NIR-light-induced deformation of cross-linked liquid-crystal polymers using upconversion nanophosphors. Polarization-controlled, photodriven bending in monodomain liquid crystal elastomer cantilevers. Light-activated shape memory of glassy azobenzene liquid crystal polymer networks. Mamiya, J-i. Is chemical crosslinking necessary for the photoinduced bending of polymer films? Kondo, M. Effect of concentration of photoactive chromophores on photomechanical properties of crosslinked azobenzene liquid-crystalline polymers.

Relationship between the photomechanical response and the thermomechanical properties of azobenzene liquid crystalline polymer networks. Macromolecules 43 , — Photodriven, flexural-torsional oscillations of glassy azobenzene liquid crystal polymer networks. Glassy photomechanical liquid-crystal network actuators for microscale devices.

E 23 , — Torsional mechanical responses in azobenzene functionalized liquid crystalline polymer networks. Iamsaard, S. Conversion of light into macroscopic helical motion. Nature Chem. Thermal and photo-actuation in nematic elastomers. Harvey, C. Role of polarization and alignment in photoactuation of nematic elastomers. Hon, K. Thermal diffusion and bending kinetics in nematic elastomer cantilever.

E 25 , 83—89 Dawson, N. Modeling the mechanisms of the photomechanical response of a nematic liquid crystal elastomer. B 28 , — Experimental studies of the mechanisms of photomechanical effects in a nematic liquid crystal elastomer. Courty, S. Nematic elastomers with aligned carbon nanotubes: new electromechanical actuators. Remotely actuated polymer nanocomposites — stress-recovery of carbon-nanotube-filled thermoplastic elastomers. Ahir, S. Photomechanical actuation in polymer—nanotube composites.

Fast relaxation of carbon nanotubes in polymer composite actuators. Infrared actuation in aligned polymer—nanotube composites. B 73 , Marshall, J. Carbon-nanotube sensitized nematic elastomer composites for IR-visible photo-actuation. Soft Matter 8 , — Torras, N. Bending kinetics of a photo-actuating nematic elastomer cantilever.

Campo, E. Nano opto-mechanical systems NOMS as a proposal for tactile displays. SPIE , H Camargo, C. Microstamped opto-mechanical actuator for tactile displays. SPIE , Localised actuation in composites containing carbon nanotubes and liquid crystalline elastomers. Ji, Y. Dispersion and alignment of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers. Li, C. Reversible white-light actuation of carbon nanotube incorporated liquid crystalline elastomer nanocomposites.

Yang, L. Reversible infrared actuation of carbon nanotube-liquid crystalline elastomer nanocomposites. Kaiser, A. Magnetoactive liquid crystal elastomer nanocomposites. Winkler, M. Liquid crystal elastomers with magnetic actuation. Zhou, Y. Hierarchically structured free-standing hydrogels with liquid crystalline domains and magnetic nanoparticles as dual physical cross-linkers.

Petsch, S. A thermotropic liquid crystal elastomer micro-actuator with integrated deformable micro-heater. IEEE 27th Int. Micro Electro Mechanical Sys. Chambers, M. Liquid crystal elastomer—nanoparticle systems for actuation. Liu, D. Self-assembled dynamic 3D fingerprints in liquid-crystal coatings towards controllable friction and adhesion. Photo-switchable surface topologies in chiral nematic coatings.

Photo- thermally induced formation of dynamic surface topographies in polymer hydrogel networks. Langmuir 29 , — Stumpel, J. Stimuli-responsive photonic polymer coatings. Liquid crystal polymer networks: preparation, properties, and applications of films with patterned molecular alignment. Langmuir 30 , — Accordion-like actuators of multiple 3D patterned liquid crystal polymer films.

Modes, C. Disclination-mediated thermo-optical response in nematic glass sheets. E 81 , Blueprinting nematic glass: systematically constructing and combining active points of curvature for emergent morphology. E 84 , Responsive nematic solid shells: topology, compatibility, and shape. EPL 97 , The activated morphology of grain boundaries in nematic solid sheets. SPIE , Q Mechanical frustration and spontaneous polygonal folding in active nematic sheets. E 86 , Engineering of complex order and the macroscopic deformation of liquid crystal polymer networks.

McConney, M.

Topography from topology: photoinduced surface features generated in liquid crystal polymer networks. Pei, Z. Mouldable liquid-crystalline elastomer actuators with exchangeable covalent bonds. Ware, T. Voxelated liquid crystal elastomers. Yang, Z. Shape-memory nanoparticles from inherently non-spherical polymer colloids.

Self-assembled shape-memory fibers of triblock liquid-crystal polymers.

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Qin, H. Combined one-way and two-way shape memory in a glass-forming nematic network. Ahn, S-k. Exploiting microphase-separated morphologies of side-chain liquid crystalline polymer networks for triple shape memory properties.


Schuhladen, S. Iris-like tunable aperture employing liquid-crystal elastomers. Chen, M. Photodeformable CLCP material: study on photo-activated microvalve applications. Printed artificial cilia from liquid-crystal network actuators modularly driven by light. Hiscock, T. Solar to electrical conversion via liquid crystal elastomers. Direct sun-driven artificial heliotropism for solar energy harvesting based on a photo-thermomechanical liquid-crystal elastomer nanocomposite. Yin, R.