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ABEL 65). Like most early Christian exegetes, Augustine treats Cain as symbolic and promises a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to wash the blood from his hand; in one of Abel's traps, then to the offspring () of the wolf and Abel's bitch.

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Phys , — Carnahan, S. Fricke Lie algebras and the genus zero property in Moonshine. Duncan, J. Some evidence for the existence of a new simple group. Janko, Z. A new finite simple group with abelian 2-Sylow subgroups. USA 53 , — Langlands, R. Problems in the theory of automorphic forms. Lecture Notes in Math.

Bump, D. An Introduction to the Langlands Program. Riemann, B.

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Heath, T. Bombieri, E. The Riemann hypothesis. Gauss, C. Disquisitiones arithmeticae eds Arthur, A. Yale University Press, Dirichlet, G. Siegel, C. The average measure of quadratic forms with given determinant and signature. Goldfeld, D. The class number of quadratic fields and the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer.

Scuola Norm. Pisa Cl. Gross, B. Heegner points and derivatives of L -series. Wiles, A. Breuil, C. On the modularity of elliptic curves over Q: wild 3-adic exercises. Birch, B. Notes on elliptic curves.

Kolyvagin, V. Mat 52 , —, — Mahler, K. On a class of non-linear functional equations connected with modular functions. A 22 , 65— Zagier, D. Press, Skinner, C. Multiplicative reduction and the cyclotomic main conjecture for GL 2. Math , — The Iwasawa main conjectures for GL 2. Download references. Correspondence to John F. Duncan or Michael H. Mertens or Ken Ono.

Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Reprints and Permissions. Vietnam Journal of Mathematics Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Nature By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate.

Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Pure mathematics Quantum physics. Introduction As atoms are the constituents of molecules, the finite simple groups are the building blocks of finite symmetry. Hannah Arendt was on her way to lunch with her mother Martha when a Berlin policeman arrested her and took her to the presidium at Alexanderplatz. It was The young researcher for the German Zionist Organization spent eight days in jail while gendarmes scoured her apartment, examined her philosophical notes, and pored over her mysterious codes — a selection of Greek quotes.

Upon her release, she packed her bags. Since the torching of the Reichstag in February, life had become hell for socialists, communists, and Jews. Like others before her, and more after, Arendt fled to Paris. She would spend the next 18 years as a refugee, a stateless person, a pariah.

Volunteer lifeguards swam out to assist and guide the boat in when the motor failed. There are 60 million refugees in the world, the highest sum of pariahs since The figure tripled in the past year alone. Most will grow up in a camp. Many will die escaping their places of origin; more than 3, refugees drowned in the Mediterranean in The lucky ones will make new homes. So long as these negative voices have the megaphone, can the resettled ever feel at home? This human condition needs to be taken more seriously.

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It is fast becoming the worst humanitarian crisis of our times. Nativists are making it worse by denying a tradition of granting asylum to the stateless. We have seen the cycle before — and it never looks good. People look back on shut-them-out policies with shame this is certainly the way Americans, Canadians, and others view the treatment of asylum-seeking Jews in the s and s.

Are we destined to repeat the cycle? If we cannot come up with a coherent response to the nativists in our midst, the answer will be yes, and the consequences for relations with and within the Islamic world and other emergency zones will be lasting. Can Hannah Arendt, the avatar of public philosophy, help us formulate an enlightened response? Can this former refugee help us reaffirm our obligations to people who have nowhere else to turn?

The answer is steeped in her years as a pariah and her insights into dehumanization.

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The Origins of Totalitarianism was finished in the summer of Months later, Arendt closed a long, agonizing chapter of her life and became a naturalized citizen of the United States, a pariah no more. And yet, her statelessness is often forgotten. We recall her German years and the romance with Martin Heidegger, the source of much fretting about the limits of her idealism. And we remember her American years. We obsessed about what kind of state ruled.

The Pariah

But what it means to have no state at all? Not really. Nowadays, in our age of terror and fugitives, there is another way to read The Origins. There is a different Arendt to remember — not the American made famous by Cold War politics or her searing words about the Eichmann trial and the banality of evil, but the stateless Arendt posing for such an iconic image that we have forgotten the reasons for her mournfulness. The Origins of Totalitarianism is a book drawn from a well of personal experience.

Arriving in Paris, Arendt moved around the small hotels of rue Saint Jacques in the student quarters of the Left Bank. They officially divorced in , and Stern left for the United States.

The two moved to an apartment on rue de la Convention in the 15th arrondissement, a quartier swelling with expatriate Germans. Refugee conditions were squalid. The solution: place the bedposts in pots of kerosene so the swarm of insects could not climb up the furniture and into the bed. But it also brings fresh encounters. To be unwanted is never just about being rejected by those who throw you out.

It also entangles refugees with the ambiguities of their hosts. In the case of the legions of Central European Jews fleeing to Paris and London, exile meant dealing with the establishment Jews who often ran the charitable organizations that took care of the fugitives. Arendt made sense of her pariah-hood in brushes with a different Jewish condition: these upstart, establishment Jews.

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Unable to assimilate fully, parvenus were committed to doing everything possible to make believe that they were. Finished as Hitler assumed power but not published until , Rahel Varnhagen had a personal dimension for Arendt. The move to Paris brought parvenus up close. One could not imagine a more suitable emblem of the type. The baroness was the matron of the upper-class Consistoire de Paris, which oversaw schools, synagogues, religious courts, kosher shops, and a seminary. The Paris grisaille broke with a scandal that nearly brought down the Third Republic.

After his mysterious death in January — officially ruled a suicide but considered by many to have been murder — a number of ministers in the French government, including Prime Minister Camille Chautemps, had to resign. When the new government tried to purge the police of its notorious reactionary, anti-government commanders, the French Right unleashed its fury. On February 6, , the Place de la Concorde became a battlefield for nationalists and police.

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It was clear, in the room. You could believe that they would be friends and that they would be hanging out together. I had just watched an episode of Friday Night Lights. She had a three-episode arc, and I thought she was amazing. And Sahra Mellesse, who plays the little sister, also came in on the short film. In the end, it was about the dynamics.

She worked well with Adepero, and they bounced off each other. We just found a really great ensemble cast. With the parents, those were harder roles to cast. The casting director actually ended up casting those roles out in L. With the family, we wanted to have a believable family dynamic. For Audrey, we had to have somebody who had that loneliness and vulnerability, and Kim [Wayans] was the only actress who really brought that forward. With Arthur, he needed to be somebody who was believably strong and was a man among men, but had this soft side for his daughter, and Charles Parnell really brought that forward.

It was just a really beautiful ensemble cast, and we worked really hard and spent a lot of time to make sure that we got it right. With so much bullying going on now, and so many gay teens speaking out about it, what do you hope people get from seeing Pariah? Does it feel especially significant now, to tell this story about someone who can learn to be comfortable in their own skin and succeed in life? REES: Yeah, the timing really worked out. Was there a scene or a moment in the film that was most meaningful for you, when you finally got to see it brought to life?

It just meant that we did more planning, up front, so we knew what scenes we had to get through, that day. We really just worked harder to make sure that we were prepared for it. I had an page shot list and floor plans. We were able to use the limited time that we had on getting the performances down. What did you learn about filmmaking from working with Spike Lee, and what does it mean to you to have him as an executive producer on the film?

He taught a master class in directing and he gave me my first internship in film. From him, I learned that it all has to be on the screen. Everything has to be on the screen and it has to be clear. By interning with him on Inside Man and When the Levees Broke , I got to see how he interacts with crew and cast, and how a set should be run. It was definitely a great experience, to just observe how a film set can run smoothly.